I’m Alex and I write toaster reviews. I have tried so many top rated toasters on the market and compiled my best toaster reviews in this website. I aim to give my readers a better picture on what is the best toaster to buy.

Do check out my list of best toasters if you are shopping for a toaster. Feel free to look around and hopefully my reviews will help you find your best pop-up toaster.

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How to Buy the Best Toaster

2-Slice Toaster or 4-Slice Toaster
2 slice 4 slice toasters
First off you should figure out how much toast you want to make. The most common toasters that can be found on the market come in the 2 slice and 4 slice capacity. Simple math tells us that the 4 slice toaster makes toast twice as quickly as the 2 slice toaster, so if you have a lot of toast to make in the morning, the 4 slice toaster is a better choice.

Long Slot Toaster
long slot toaster
If you toast irregular sized or large homemade bread slices, the long slot toaster is what you’ll need. Long slot toasters commonly come with only two long slots and they are able to toast two long slices or four regular slices at one go.

Plastic Toaster or Metal Toaster
plastic metal toaster
Next comes the build, you can either choose a plastic toaster that is generally less durable but cheaper or a metallic toaster that is sturdier but will cost a little more. Stainless steel toasters or toasters with other metal finish have a cool exterior that won’t burn your hand. Toasters these days come in all sorts of colors and designs so there is no harm being overly picky on the aesthetics of the toaster because you’re bound to find something that suits you. Recently, there are even a few glass toasters on the market but these toasters are extremely rare.

What is the Best Toaster?

There are a few criterias that every good toaster should have.

  • Removable Crumb Tray – This is essential because it is nearly impossible to clean a toaster without one. if your toaster comes without a crumb tray, you probably have to turn your toaster upside down and keep shaking it till every single crumb is out (highly unlikely).
  • High Lift Carriage – This is to avoid you having to claw into your toaster when a slice of toast gets stuck. The high lift carriage or lever functions as a safety net that propels your slice of bread upwards.
  • Even Heating – Who doesn’t want perfect toast? Even heating is what really separates the best toaster from an average toaster.
  • Wide Slots – Slots should be wide enough to accommodate more than the regular slices of bread, so that you can toast bagels, thick slices, English muffins and more.
  • Heat Dial/Browning Options – I like my toast slightly more crispy while my wife prefers hers on the lighter side so for people like us, a temperature dial or several options for toast shade is crucial.


Best Toaster Brands

Not every toaster model that is produced by the best brands on the market are worth purchasing. Anyway, I have grouped all of my best toaster reviews here according to their brands. It’ll be easier for those who have a favorite brand to look up a newer or better model here. These reviews are my first hand accounts for trying these toasters. It’s good to know what you’re getting out of a toaster before purchasing it. There is hardly anything you can do to a badly built toaster to make it give you good toast.

Hamilton Beach
Morphy Richards

All right, more to come soon! I will be reviewing the best long slot toasters, stainless steel toasters, retro toasters and even Star Wars toasters! Meanwhile, remember to bookmark my blog for more toaster review updates!