Cuisinart Toaster Reviews

All of the toasters I’ve tested from Cuisinart had a reasonable price tag and works just as I would expect from a toaster of that price. So far, Cuisinart toasters have never let me down and make perfect toast. So it’s no surprise that so many people are so in love with their Cuisinart toaster. These toasters have proved to be a crowd favorite, being on top of the best selling toaster list on Amazon.

The prices of Cuisinart toasters range from the low $30 all the way up to $100. The more expensive toasters comes with an array of fancy features, backlit LED display and sleek metal housing, while the cheaper models have a more conservative design and features in a plastic housing. Nevertheless, even the cheapest Cuisinart toaster performs remarkably when it comes to toasting.

Cuisinart CPT-435

Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel ToasterThe Cuisinart CPT 435 is a terrific toaster. It is a stainless steel four slice toaster with a blue LED backlit display, silver buttons and circular silver toggles.

What Can This Toaster Do?

Not surprisingly, this Cuisinart toaster can make toast. What’s great is the seven shade browning setting. Nobody will be able to complain that they couldn’t get their favorite shade of toast with this toaster. The removable crumb tray houses all the bread crumbs perfectly. It can also be easily removed for cleaning. The countdown feature make this toaster all the more impressive. The timer lets you know how much longer it would take for your toast to be done. The 1-1/2-inch wide slots fit all kinds of bread, artisan bread, bagels and English muffins.

Biggest Complaint

Although this toaster works great on thin slices of bread, toasting thicker food like English muffins is a lot harder to do using the CPT 435. I had to toast my English muffins twice to get the shade I was looking for. However, this isn’t that big of a let down compared to other more expensive options on the market. For the price of $50 you may want to consider this toaster.

Get the CPT 435 here.

Cuisinart CPT-320

Cuisinart CPT-320 Compact Stainless 2-Slice ToasterIf you have a tight budget but want a good quality toaster, the CPT 320 should be on your list. It has a very small footprint and can fit pretty much anywhere thanks to its compact design.

What Can This Toaster Do?

This 2 slice toaster does what many toasters on the market fail to do. It toasts evenly. I’ve toasted everything from bagels and whole grain bread to white bread and English muffins and found everything to toast perfectly. Toasting is also really fast. Most of what I toasted was toasted perfectly in under 3 minutes.

Biggest Complaint

See those buttons down there? Can’t blame you if you can’t read them. I just got used to the placing of each function button and never read them again. The dial for the browning settings is kinda flimsy too. Well, it’s a cheap toaster afterall.

Get the CPT 320 here.

Cuisinart Toaster Reviews:

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