Hamilton Beach Toaster Reviews

Hamilton Beach toasters are some of the most affordable toasters I have tested. Their attractive price paired with innovative features makes them one of the top selling toasters in the market. I have found that their toasters have a sleek and portable design which makes storing them very easy. Most of their toasters are also not that heavy and come in different capacities. Here are the best Hamilton Beach toasters I have tested.

Hamilton Beach SmartToast

Hamilton Beach SmartToast ToasterThe Hamilton Beach SmartToast is a toaster that is built to not only make perfect toast but is also really affordable. It’s also the best among the Hamilton Beach toasters.

What Can This Toaster Do?

Bagels and English muffins are toasted perfectly using this toaster. This is thanks to the personalized settings for bagels and the wide slot design. The bagel toasting function perfectly heats the exterior of the bagel while browning the interior according to your selected shade. The pair of tongs that is included on board the toaster can be used to remove your toast when it’s done or pick any slices of toast that gets stuck in the process, though my advice would be to take the tongs out from the toaster while toasting so that they don’t get hot. The auto shut off works nicely and the exterior is cool even when toasting. Definitely safe to use!

Biggest Complaint

The only downside of this toaster is the fading button labels. It isn’t really that much of an issue but if you’re someone who relies on the labels of things then you may be disappointed.

Get this SmartToast toaster here.

Hamilton Beach Cool Touch Toaster

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch ToasterThe first time I looked at this toaster, I felt it looked like two separate 2 slice toasters joined together using super glue. Jokes aside, the Hamilton Beach Cool Touch toaster comes in 2 slice and 4 slice slice. This toaster costs about $30 for the 4 slice toaster. This is certainly one of the more affordable toaster models.

What Can This Toaster Do?

This toaster can toast everything from regular bread to bagels. Several artisan bread would be able to fit too. However, you may need to cut up your bread if it appears to be too long for the slots. This toaster has a cool touch exterior that allows you to move the toaster around as soon as you’re done toasting. This surely saves you a minute or two that adds up in the long run, if you plan on toasting a lot.

Biggest Complaint

There was no automatic lift feature which is quite a shame. It was hard to get pieces of toast that got stuck in the toaster. I ended up having to use bamboo chopsticks to get my stuck pieces of toast out without electrocuting myself.

For those of you out there who have been toasting practically your whole life, this toaster will serve you well. It has all the conventional functions that all toasters have packaged in a attractive shell. Get this toaster here.

Hamilton Beach 22504

Hamilton Beach 22504 toasterThe Hamilton Beach 22504 brushed metal toaster may be from their previous line up but thanks to its attractive design and reliable features it is still one of my top toasters from Hamilton Beach.

What Can This Toaster Do?

This toaster produces evenly toasted toast. I have tested this countless times and I got good toast every time. This two slice toaster has a slight lift that makes removing your toast a breeze. The wide slots ensure that there are barely any slices that get stuck in the toaster when they are done toasting. The removable bread crumb tray is also a nice touch. It can be removed, emptied and replaced effortlessly.

Biggest Complaint

The toast I get are perfect but this toaster is somewhat underpowered. Even at a 5, I had to toast my bread twice to get the shade I wanted. This only means that if you like your toast really brown, you should take a look at other toasters.

However, if you like your toast just slightly crispy, do check out the Hamilton Beach 22504 toaster here.

Hamilton Beach Toaster Reviews:

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