Morphy Richards Toaster Reviews

Morphy Richards produce toasters that have so much to offer. However, with exquisite design and a wide array of personalized toasting features comes quite a hefty price tag. So if you have saved up and are looking for a high-end toaster, Morphy Richards toaster is one of the brands you should check out.

There are quite a number of Morphy Richards toasters on the market, I’m only reviewing the best Morphy Richards toasters that I’ve tested.

Morphy Richards 242004

Morphy Richards 242004 Accents Four Slice ToasterThe Morphy Richards 242004 is certainly one good looking toaster. The whole design of the toaster is just amazing. Everything from the sleek curves to the beautifully designed leavers and LED lights is made with pure precision. As a result, you get a toaster that is nothing short of perfection.

What Can This Toaster Do?

Thick or thin slices of bread toasted easily using this toaster. I was also happy that my clean up was easy because of the removable crumb trays. The nifty cord storage feature that is built into this toaster also helped make cord management a breeze. I like my toast really brown so the 7 shade browning feature did work quite well. It took no time at all for me to toast my frozen bagel thanks to the defrost feature. Reheat is also a nice addition for those who tend to leave the toast lying cold.

Biggest Complaint

This toaster is a stellar addition to any kitchen and is also one of the top toasters I have ever used. Every single inch of this machine from its intricate craftsmanship to its glossy exterior is almost perfect. However, this toaster costs a bomb. Unless you have the means, then get this Morphy Richards toaster in its glory here.

Morphy Richards Accents 44732

Morphy Richards Accents 44732 4 Slice ToasterThis Morphy Richards toaster certainly one of the most stylish toasters I’ve seen with a retro design. The shiny red surface and the silver backdrop of the toaster really makes it stand out. Not only does The 44732 look amazing, it makes great toast.

What Can This Toaster Do?

The most intriguing thing about the Morphy Richards 44732 is its automatic adjustable variable-width-slots. The toaster actually has a cage that adjusts and locks each slice of toast in place so you get evenly toasted toast no matter the size. Paired with a lift feature and double crumb trays, this is a toaster that would satisfy many.

Biggest Complaint

Like the previous Morphy Richards toaster, this toaster is also on the pricey side. It may seem crazy to buy this luxurious, state-of-the-art piece of kitchen decor that coincidentally makes great toast, but you’ll love every inch of it. Get it here.

Morphy Richards Toaster Reviews:

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