Best 2 Slice Toaster

If you usually toast for just one or two people, a 2 slice toaster would be a perfect fit. Aside from all the fancy features and superb aesthetics, a good toaster must make amazing toast. I am a light eater. To avoid hunger pangs later on in the day, I have a slice of toast or a toasted bagel with morning coffee and I’m ready for a great day ahead. If you’re looking for the best 2 slice toaster, here a few models that exceeded my expectations when I tested them.

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Best 2 Slice Toaster

Best 2 Slice ToasterKitchenaid KMT 223CU is the best 2 slice toaster in the market. It’s a lever-less toaster, which is the trend now, and is fully automatic. The rounded metal edges make this 2 slice toaster look like a device from Star Wars or some futuristic science fiction movie. This toaster is really solid but not too big for any kitchen.

What Can This 2 Slice Toaster Do?

This KitchenAid toaster counts down your toasting time with the digital display and remembers what settings you used for your last toast. Bread and bagels toast well, though long artisan breads may not fit. The reheat feature is something I really like, so if I have leftover toast I can reheat them without burning them.

Biggest Complaint

Something that almost everyone griped about this 2 slice toaster is the extremely loud beeper that signals the end of the toasting. Despite that, it is among the top toasters in the market.

See the price for the KMT 223CU.

Best 2 Slice Toaster for Bagels

best 2 slice toaster for bagelsThe Cuisinart CPT 420 is a splendid leverless 2 slice toaster that works great with bagels. This toaster features a compact design which is easily stored after use. The 2 slice model is similar to the 4 slice model, with a light blue LCD screen which helps this toaster stand out from the crowd.

What Can This 2 Slice Toaster Do?

Bagels and regular slices of bread are toasted to perfection using this toaster. The enhanced bagel function impressed me because the inner surface of the bagel was crisp yet the outer surface wasn’t even burned. If you freeze your bread or bagels, this toaster would also be a good option. There is a defrost setting so you’ll be able to get your frozen pieces toasted right

Biggest Complaint

There were slight signs of uneven toasting when I cranked up the heat but the overall performance of the toaster was still remarkable.

Read more about the CPT 420 here.

Best Cheap 2 Slice Metal Toaster

best cheap 2 slice metal toasterHamilton Beach really set the bar high with their metal 2 slice toaster. This toaster has an excellent build. The metal components and shell makes it way more durable compared to regular plastic toasters, and yet it comes for a really affordable price. The toaster comes in two different metallic coats that is not only smudge proof but would fit right into any modern kitchen.

What Can This 2 Slice Toaster Do?

This toaster can toast any kind of regular sized bread with its 5.5 inch long slots. The artisan bread I usually buy didn’t fit in this toaster but I could still get it toasted by slicing it. The toaster has a defrost and bagel function that works well. The cool touch exterior also make sure my kids never ever accidentally burn their fingers when they use my toaster. Like most new toasters, cleanup after toasting is so simple with the removable crumb tray.

Biggest Complaint

There is a slight unevenness in the toast I get when I use this toaster. However, for a toaster from the sub $35 price range, it really does a better job compared to most of its competition on the market. I actually found a neat trick to get better toast from this Hamilton Beach toaster. You just have to toast whatever you’re toasting twice (using half of your usual shade setting), a bit of a trouble to go to, I admit.

Find out more about this Hamilton Beach toaster here.

Best Cheap 2 Slice Lightweight Toaster

best cheap 2 slice lightweight toasterThis is certainly one of the cheapest toasters on the list but as I’ve mentioned before never let the price of a toaster fool you. Priced below $30, the Conair Cuisinart CPT-122 is a really cheap 2 slice toaster that does an impressive job toasting bread and bagels.

What Can This 2 Slice Toaster Do?

The 7 options for toast shades is perfect for a family who toast differently and great for different bread thickness. The toaster has a small footprint and light frame for easy storage.

Anything can be toasted with this 2 slice toaster, even thick bagels thanks to the extra wide slots.

Biggest Complaint
The only complaint was that the bread wasn’t toasted very evenly. This is due to the uneven heating coils in the toaster.

See the best price here.


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