Best Toaster Reviews 2016

Looking for a toaster that makes good toast? It may sound like a simple wish, but many toasters in the market are honestly just a piece of garbage that gives you frustration in the beginning of the day and charred crumbs.

The best toasters do nothing like that. If you have no idea what to look out for in a toaster, head over to my tips on choosing a toaster.

Here is a list of the best toasters that you can buy.

Best Toasters 2016

Best 4 Slice Toaster – Cuisinart CPT440

best 4 slice toasterThis is the best toaster for families. At the first glance, the Cuisinart CPT440 is very well designed. The stainless steel housing is a nice touch that accentuates the dual LCD screens. The absence of the conventional lever also fits in well with the futuristic feel of the toaster.

What Can It Do?

Most importantly, this toaster excels at toasting bread and bagels alike. The CPT 440 even has enhanced bagel functions that ensure you get only the best treatment for your bagels.

The toaster has a motorized lift that automatically lifts and lowers your toast so no flimsy levers are required.

Thick toast, anyone? Extra wide slots and the 7 shade toast setting of this toaster makes it perfect for any sort of toast. Of course, you can also defrost and reheat with a toaster of this price.

The three year warranty is considered long for modern toasters and you know what they say about long warranties indicating high quality.

What is the Biggest Complaint?

There is a risk that the motorized lift may malfunction over time, though upon a second thought, levers are more prone to damage than motors.

If you’re willing to risk it (for a really sturdy metal toaster that not only looks good but works well and has plenty of functions) get this great toaster here. Or you can look for other top 4 slice toasters that I’ve listed and reviewed.

Best 2 Slice Toaster – KitchenAid KMT223CU

best 2 slice toasterThe Kitchenaid KMT 223CU is a beautiful toaster with a fully automatic operation. This is a real solid toaster with a full metal construction, so you don’t really have to be too gentle with it.

What Can It Do?

This is the best toaster for singles or couples. It can toast just about anything. Bread, bagels, frozen pancakes, English muffins…the usual stuff. Don’t listen to those who advise you to toast a pop tart or cheese sandwich.

It’s great to find your toast still warm when you’ve been running around after the kids after putting the bread into the toaster. The toaster uses a low heat to keep your toast warm when it’s done toasting.

The reheat feature is also a nice addition. When you toast extra slices of bread in the morning and don’t finish it, you can reheat the toast without burning it.

What is the Biggest Complaint?

The only complaint for this toaster is the beeper that indicates the toast is ready. It’s way too loud. Almost as loud as an alarm clock. If you love a quiet morning you’re going to hate the beeper.

If you think you can handle the beeping, this is the best toaster to get. Find the best price here or check out more 2 slice toasters that I’ve reviewed.

Best Long Slot Toaster – Breville BTA830XL

best long slot toasterHave trouble toasting homemade bread or artisan bread? You’ll love the Breville BTA830XL. This die-cast metal-bodied toaster is the best toaster with long slots. It is more than capable of toasting any long slices of bread. You can also use this as a 4 slice toaster for any regular slices.

What Can This Toaster Do?

With toasting slots that measure 10 inches long, 1-3/4-inches wide and up to 6 inches deep, just watch this monster, I mean toaster, devour any large slices of bread or thick bagels.

This toaster has a slider for the toast shade, which is perfect if you want your toast to be browner than level 3 but not as dark as level 4, for instance.

Most users also love the quick lift and look feature. This allows you to check on your toast without stopping the toasting process. The toaster has metal brackets to hold your bread in place for even toasting, and what’s best is the ‘a bit more’ button to add that crunch.

The bagel feature automatically adds extra heat to the inner section of the toaster. Perfect bagels every time. Amazingly, there is also a volume control!

What is the Biggest Complaint?

Many said that it’s overpriced and I agree, but for a great long slot toaster that is designed and built well, I’m willing to pay the price! Get this awesome toaster here or look at my review for other long slot toasters.

Best Cheap Toaster – Conair Cuisinart CPT122

best cheap toasterThe Conair Cuisinart CPT-122 is the best toaster you can buy under $30. The toaster is compact and simple, and thanks to its light weight, it is easy to move the toaster around and put it away.

What Can It Do?

It has a 7 setting shade dial which is used to control how brown your toast becomes.

Using this toaster, you’ll be able to reheat or toast moderately thick slices of bread to English muffins and bagels thanks to the 1-1/2-inch wide toasting slots.

If anything ever gets stuck, the metal carriage can be raised to remove the culprit.

What is the Biggest Complaint?

Uneven browning of the toast is a common complaint for all cheap toasters including this one. If you can live with imperfect coloring, get this toaster with free shipping here.